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Fun-Filled Parks in Winter Park, FL 

As charming and green as Winter Park is, no doubt the town features an array of parks for you to explore. Whether you are looking to picnic, hike, or just relax, consider visiting the following spots. Further facts about Winter Park, FL can be found here.

Shady Park

Shady Park, centrally located in historical Hannibal Square next to the community center, features park benches and a tranquil sidewalk pathway. It is perfect for reading a book or hosting a special community event. It also includes a “spray play” water feature and offers free admittance year-round. Information about Iconic Attractions in Winter Park, FL can be found here. 

Central Park

Central Park is the crown jewel of all the city’s parks. Conveniently located on Park Avenue in the heart of the downtown shopping district, this 11-acre park boasts shady oak trees, landscaped planters, sitting areas, open space, and three beautiful fountains. There is even a rose garden at the southern corner of Central Park. 

Kraft Azalea Garden

Kraft Azalea Garden is a serene 11-acre park just minutes from the Park Avenue shopping district. The park is bordered by beautiful Lake Maitland and offers benches for reading, picnicking, or simply enjoying a quiet relaxing time. There are trails for short walks and a small dock that is ideal for fishing.