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Enjoying the Outdoors in Winter Park, FL 

If you are looking to explore what Winter Park offers in an outdoor setting, rest assured you will find many alternative activities to pursue. But you may want to consider the following. Winter Park, FL information can be seen at this link.

Cultural Walking Tour

Take a self-guided walking tour of the City’s historical treasures, including more than a dozen different sites. The route begins near the historic Winter Park Golf Club and heads south along Park Avenue, calling attention to various museums and landmarks along the way. Discover facts about Winter Park, FL is Full of Museums.

Stroll Mead Garden

Besides being a great wedding venue, Mead Garden is also best for having a picnic or grill at the pavilions under the large oaks, taking a stroll, or riding a bike while enjoying nature. Plants worldwide like orchids, night-blooming cacti that only bloom once a year, cypress trees, caladiums, and begonias can be found in the garden’s native wetland upland species like longleaf pines.

Enjoy Scenic Lake Virginia Tours

Lake Virginia has a beautiful view of well-manicured mansions and Rollins College on its coastline. Discover the lake anyway you want. Explore the lake with your own boat, kayak, or pontoon boat. You can also take the option of following the Winter Park Scenic Boat Tour.