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Poinciana, Florida, is located on the Gulf Coast of Florida in the State of Florida. The town has a population of about nine hundred thousand people and is a popular beach vacation destination for those who love the beach and the sun. Poinciana has some of the most beautiful beaches found anywhere and has been ranked as the number one best tourist spot in Florida. Click here for facts about Kissimmee, Florida.

Poinciana Beach is considered by many to be the most beautiful beach in Florida. It has white sand beaches and dramatic rock walls that line its two-mile stretch of beach. Poinciana Beach also has a couple of parks in the area that are open to the public and offer visitors a chance to swim and bike or just to sit down and relax. Poinciana, Beach has become known as a zoom city because of its great shopping centers and restaurants and even a movie theater.¬†Poinciana offers visitors a unique area that offers activities for all ages, from the boardwalk to fine dining, golfing, hiking, boating, and swimming. The large lake offers boat access, fishing, swimming, and sunbathing on the beach. There is so much to do in Poinciana, Florida, that any tourist visiting this charming area is certain to leave with fond memories of their time in Poinciana, Florida. Poinciana, Florida, is becoming one of Florida’s premier tourist destinations due to its master-planned community and a large number of hotels and other accommodations that can be found in Poinciana, Florida. Click here to read about The Gold Coast of Florida – Poinciana, Florida.

Poinciana, Florida, also has many great attractions, including the Poinciana Native American village and the Poinciana National Park. Poinciana National Park contains more than three thousand acres of natural wildlife and beautiful scenery. Poinciana is also home to the Florida Everglades, which is a massive man-made forest and one of the largest freshwater systems in the world. The park also offers a boat tour that takes visitors on tour through the Everglades, which is also home to a wide variety of different animal life. Poinciana, Florida, is a great place to visit, and there is no shortage of things to do or see in the area.