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You will love Kissimmee if your idea of the perfect vacation involves spending lots of quality time in the great outdoors. While on a scenic eco-tour, you can make your way through the Sunshine State by airboat, kayak, canoe, bike, and hike. From jumping out of a plane to get another point of view in a hot air balloon or a zipline adventure, you can also hit the trails or grab the reins on a horseback tour in Central Florida. Further facts about Kissimmee, Florida can be found here.

Pirate’s Island Adventure Golf

Ages three to 93 can enjoy the unique Adventure Golf experience that Pirate’s Island offers. You have the chance to be like notorious Captain Kidd or Blackbeard and follow their steps. The journey starts at the seaside village with the departure along the tidal lagoon’s shores for this themed adventure. Get to the caves where you will find the pirate’s buried booty and view a panorama of the whole pirate adventure by exploring the mountain. Information about Kissimmee Arts and Culture can be found here. 

Orlando Balloon Adventures

If you want to experience Orlando Balloon Adventures, you will need to make reservations ahead with daily depart of balloon flights at sunrise, if the weather permits. You will be left breathless with the gentle giant’s romance, and you can take several photos. You need to call to make reservations or visit the website.