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Loughman, Florida, is a unique community within the Florida panhandle. Loughman is a boundary line within Osceola County, Florida, just south of Tampa Bay. Loughman was established as a town in the early twentieth century to develop a town street system along what is now Loughman Lake. Loughman is named after an American Revolutionary War hero, Col. Philip Loughman, who lived and died in Loughman, Florida. Loughman was incorporated as a town in July of 1920. Loughman was established as a new road-and-rail crossing between Winter Haven and Loughman Beach to connect with the southern part of Loughman Island. More can be found here.

Loughman, Florida, is part of the Lakeland-Winter Haven-IL-visible route network. This route network has many communities within Florida that are separated by approximately one hundred miles of roads. The Loughman, Florida area is bordered on three sides by the Osceola County line and on two sides by the Florida panhandle. This makes Loughman, Florida, home to the popular Disney World Resort. Loughman, also, is close enough to the beautiful Walt Disney World Resort to be accessible from its golf course. Loughman was established as a town in what is now central Florida. Loughman, now known as Loughman, Florida, has a population of about three thousand at this time. It is officially part of the Lakeland-Winter Haven metropolitan statistical area. Loughman has a post office, bank, public library, fire station, two schools, a general store, a movie theater, a bowling alley, an auto club, and a Loughman, Florida Golf, and Country Club. Learn more about The Amazing Community of Intercession City, Florida.

On the west side, just north of Loughman, Florida, is the old Tampa north peninsula, which is now a National Historic Landmark. The peninsula was destroyed during the hurricanes that hit Loughman, Florida, during the late nineteen hundreds. Many of the old Tampa north peninsula homes have been restored and are now leased to tourists.