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Intercession City, Florida, is a unique community located within the Florida Panhandle in Florida. This area has the distinction of being Florida’s first motor club, created in 1974. Intercession City was created as an outgrowth of the Florida Auto Club and was designed to attract Florida motorists, particularly those who wanted to travel on the interstates. Intercession City was created for Florida residents who wanted to have access to Florida’s east coast ports. Visit this link for more information.

The Florida Panhandle is a well-developed area, with many communities in close proximity to each other. However, the Florida Panhandle also has one distinct distinction: it is Florida’s only unincorporated community, located approximately five miles southwest of Kissimmee. Florida’s only unincorporated area, the City of Intercession City, is south of Osceola in central Florida. This area is considered part of the unincorporated area of Florida. This unique location gives Intercession City, Florida, the unique distinction of being Florida’s largest, most peripheral, outlying community as one of the last remaining unincorporated communities in Florida, Intercession City, Florida, is considered among the most economically depressed areas of Florida. Read about Hunters Creek, Florida – A Beautiful Community With Many Amenities here.

Those who want to live in an environment that embraces economic vitality but that is not necessarily as distressed as the Florida Panhandle can choose to live in Intercession City. This is because this community is considered to be five miles west of Kissimmee in central Florida. Intercession City offers its residents easy access to the rest of central Florida through its numerous public and private highways, which connect it to Kissimmee. This allows people who drive to work and people who live in the Florida Panhandle to access each other easily.