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Campbell, Florida is a booming tourist town on the Gulf coast of Florida, located in Osceola County. Campbell, the City, is a previously designated place and an incorporated community in Osceola County, Florida. Campbell, the City, was originally named after Alfred Sidney Campbell, who operated and established the first store in the new settlement built there. Information can be found here.

Campbell, Florida is conveniently located to Tampa Bay and to other cities like Saint Petersburg, Tampa, Daytona Beach, Sarasota, Jacksonville, Gainsborough, Pensacola, Saint Augustine, Winter Springs, Tarpon Springs, Daytona Beach, Macula, Saint Petersburg, Bradenton Beach, West Palm Beach and so much more. With a bustling downtown, tons of beachfront, and historical architecture, Campbell is definitely a place you will want to check out if you are planning a vacation or a getaway. Campbell is also a census-designated land-use area, which means that it has special tax incentives. In this case, the “benefits” for the taxpayer include a cut on the property taxes, reduced homestead exemption, low car insurance, discounted commercial real estate tax, and low real estate tax rate. It’s great to know that our state and local governments are concerned about paying our public tax obligations and giving back to the communities and people. Campbel,l Florida’s geography also allows for an amazing diversity of people. The city is home to people from every possible ethnic background and every conceivable cultural background. People of Hispanic descent call Campbell, Florida home, as well as people of English, French, German, Russian, Irish, and other European backgrounds. African-Americans and American Indians also make up a large percentage of the population. The most prevalent ethnic grouping in Campbell, Florida, however, is its significant number of Hispanic descent people, which make up over fifty-two percent of the entire Campbell, Florida population.See here for information about Campbell, Florida – A Small Paradise Off The Beach In Florida.

Campbell, Florida, is licensed to do business in Osceola County and all of its eight cities. Campbell, International, Incorporated owns and operates the Campbell Plaza Hotel, a five-star hotel that attracts thousands of tourists each year. Campbell, International, Incorporated owns and operates Camp Campbell, Plaza Hotel, a four-star hotel.