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Buena Vista Lakes, sometimes referred to as BVL or Buena Vista Beach, is a resort area in south Florida, immediately south of Orlando. Its population was approximately 26,000 at the last count. Buena Vista Lake, sometimes called BVL, is part of the Orlando.-Kissimmee.-Sanford, Florida metropolitan statistical area. Buena Vista Lake is one of three lakes designated as Florida’s first commercial waterway. The lake is on the southern end of Buena Vista Island. The other two lakes are in the southernmost portion of Buena Vista Island. Learn more here.

Buena Vista Lake State Park is not the only place in Florida where you can enjoy a day on the water. The Buena Vista Lakes State Park also has a small marina that provides boating and fishing opportunities. If you want to go hiking, you will find several different types of trails that will take you to various points of interest. Buena Vista Lake State Park also has a small commercial fishery that offers saltwater fishing as well as freshwater fishing. Buena Vista Lake is not without attractions; it has been listed as a top attraction by the Florida tourism authority. Buena Vista Lakes and the Buena Vista Lake State Park District do offer many attractions for tourists and visitors to Florida. Learn more about Poinciana, Florida – A Great Vacation Spot.

Buena Ventura Lakes has recently been rated by readers in Buena Vista, Florida. Readers indicated that they felt that, overall, Buena Vista was a good place to live. However, one particular Buena Vista Lakes resident indicated that Buena Vista Lakes might be too remote to meet some residents’ needs: individuals who work from home or on their own; people with small children; and senior citizens. Buena Vista Lakes is rated as having the lowest property tax rate in the city of Buena Vista, Florida. Buena Vista Lakes offers the typical conveniences of homeownership: ample amenities including swimming pools, game rooms, fireplaces, satellite television with premium channels, childcare centers, a well-equipped local recreation and business center, parks and recreational centers, as well as affordable two and four-bedroom units in Buena Vista Florida that are attractive and comfortable.